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Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen is a consummate professional musician whose prolific career includes success in Nashville as a pro guitarist and music publisher. 
     As bandleader and manager for country stars Len Snow and Jessica Hawthorne, he was instrumental in the success of their Number 1 Billboard-chart-topping single, "Country's What I Choose." Radio airplay and personal appearances soon followed. Touring extensively to support the hit, his expert guitar skills delivered him through performances all over California, the USA, and beyond, including Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and even Antarctica! 
     Chris' pro attitude maintains the belief that he is there to serve every song. Over the years, he has performed music for acting on TV, theatre, studio, and radio. He has performed for or shared the stage with such greats as Jerry Garcia; country chart-toppers Little Big Town, Neil Young, Tommy Castro, Elvin Bishop, and Lydia Pense with Cold Blood. He also collaborated with Nashville producer Robert Metzger from Platinum Plus Records, Capitol Management, and many others. He was a regional judge in the nationwide talent search, the "Colgate Country Challenge" at the county fair in Madera, California.
     Chris is a talented multi-instrumentalist and has mastered everything from 6- and 12-string acoustic and electric guitars to tenor, baritone, dobro, and lap steel guitars. His knowledge of acoustic and electric slide guitar styles such as dobro, bottleneck, and lap steel combines western swing, blues, country, rock, and Americana genres, i
ncluding R & B, gospel, civil war-era songs, and bluegrass. He plays mandolin and has even done some keyboards, all of which have kept him busy for over 30+ years. 
     Chris brings a wealth of expertise to this latest project, including his creative songwriting skills and advanced production techniques, making Monterey County Line one of his most exciting and dynamic projects to date!


     Janis Ceresi, a versatile and dynamic presence in both the creative and musical worlds, embodies the essence of a true artist. Her journey began in the choir of a parochial grammar school, where she learned not just the fundamentals of music but also the value of teamwork, developing a preference for the nuanced art of harmony singing over leading with the melody. This early exposure to music set the stage for a life deeply intertwined with artistic expression.

     Janis's professional career flourished in the bustling cities of San Francisco and New York, where she became a master graphic artist and a creative force in the realms of graphic arts, design, and creative studio management. Her artistic talents led her to design iconic album covers and advertisements for legends such as Frank Zappa and Janet Jackson, all the while continuing to refine her unique singing style.

     In 1990, Janis returned to her roots in Stamford, Connecticut, joining forces with troubadour Parker Coleman as a singer and percussionist. They toured the East Coast extensively, from New York to Charleston, securing a long-standing residency at the historic Jefferson Davis Inn in Lexington, Kentucky. Janis's passion for music flourished alongside her business career, allowing her to collaborate and harmonize with a diverse array of artists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

     In 1997, Janis embraced the Northern California lifestyle, moving to the bohemian enclave of Point Reyes Station in West Marin, where she continued to pursue her dual passions for music and art. Her journey eventually led her to Monterey and Carmel Valley in 2018, where she found a vibrant community that resonated with her artistic and musical sensibilities.

     The global pause caused by the pandemic in March 2020 prompted Janis to delve deeper into her musical and artistic talents, finding solace and expression during uncertain times. This introspective period reignited her commitment to music, culminating in a collaboration with guitarist James Frederickson in the "Rodney James Project," a rock duo that allowed her to focus fully on her music.

     Today, Janis stands as a journeyman musician, seamlessly integrating her rich experiences in graphic design and creative resource management with her profound musical talents. As a singer in Monterey County Line, and in her duo performances with Chris Olsen, she brings a depth of emotion and technical expertise to every performance. Her ability to blend vocals and harmonies not only elevates her band but also showcases her as a multifaceted artist who has mastered the delicate balance between her artistic and musical worlds. Janis Ceresi's story is a testament to the power of lifelong learning and the pursuit of one's passions across multiple creative fields.

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