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Chris Olsen

While playing guitar currently, Chris has for many years been a serious musician, including working in music publishing while a pro guitarist in Nashville. He has played throughout California and the USA and beyond including Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, South America – even Antarctica!  As a pro his attitude is that he’s there to serve the song. He has for many years been performing music or acting on TV, theatre, studio and radio. He has performed in front of or shared the stage with Jerry Garcia, country chart-toppers Little Big Town, Neil Young, Tommy Castro, Elvin Bishop, Lydia Pense/Cold Blood, country stars Len Snow and Jessica Hawthorne (as part of his/her management team and Bandleader for both), Nashville producer Robert Metzger at Platinum Plus Records and Capitol Management, as well as many others. His knowledge of slide guitar styles – both acoustic (Dobro, bottleneck, lap steel, etc.) – and electric (Western Swing to Blues to Country to Rock to Americana) combines all these genres and sub-genres and still has enough to also include R & B, Gospel, Civil War era songs and Bluegrass, all interpreted on a variety of instruments including acoustic & electric 6-string guitar, 12-string guitar, tenor guitar, baritone guitar, Dobro, Lap Steel, Mandolin and even some keyboards that has kept him busy for over 30+ years. Having enjoyed success in Nashville – a Number 1 Hit Single on Billboard’s Single Sales Chart with chart-topper Len Snow (a successful Single and CD with ‘Country’s What I Choose’, radio airplay, touring and personal appearances followed with Len, due in large part to support/help from Chris), participation as a regional judge in the nationwide talent search – the ‘Colgate Country Challenge’ at the county fair in Madera, CA - Chris brings a wealth of expertise, songwriting skills and production techniques to this latest project.

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Jack Aiello

The first rule of bands is - if you want a good band, get a great drummer. Jack Aiello is an exceptional, first class musician whose instrument is drums and percussion. One of those rare musicians who commands his instrument, he actually plays four instruments at the same time – one each for each extremity – and each extremely well, who is then able to combine it all. Also an expert arranger, he has performed with or been in the studio with many musicians on the peninsula. His subtle use of not just time, but dynamics and flourishes has at many times in his long career made him the best musician in the band at times. One of the best drummers from Santa Cruz to Paso Robles has passion in abundance for what he does, and it shows in his precision and dynamics (a word not usually associated with drummers) when he takes and owns the stage. Rock On, Jack.

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Jon Mcclean

Jon McClean is a veteran bass player who first picked up the instrument at age fourteen and has been going non-stop since then.  Jon grew up playing classic rock to all styles of Country music and has been immersed in music his whole life. Music has been his passion his whole life, as Jon secured his first professional touring gig at 17 years old.  

Some of the artists and bands that Jon has played bass for include White Water Bros Band, The Tom McNally band, Wild Turkeys – just to name a few! Jon has also contributed his melodic, driving bass on recording sessions to numerous to mention over the years and continues to do so, becoming one of the most versatile, most recorded musicians in the area. He lives for his playing and like all good musicians is devoted to his on-going immersion of all genres of music.

“I love that music contributes to my creativity. I consider myself a music junkie and I can't get enough of it. Good thing I hang out with people that feel the same way. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to live my dream playing bass.


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Lisa Kincaid enhances the band with charisma and pizazz. Lisa grew up in Fresno, California.  At age 12, she won first prize at a song writing competition; the work was later arranged and performed by the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra. Two years later, Lisa won first place at a California statewide singing competition held at Fresno City College.  Following these successes, she majored in music and voice at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and continued her music studies at ORU in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Lisa has lived on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula for 30 years and has performed at the Pebble Beach Club, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Spirit West Coast and many other special events venues.  Her studio recording experience spans from Monterey to Los Angeles.  She has worked with local bands/musicians including Emmy Award winning composer, John Wineglass, Steve Ezzo, Greg London, Sam Cannon-BC Blues, Eldredge & Rossi and others.  Lisa cites influences like Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Patsy Cline, Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.  Her love for country and classic rock styles and powerful vocal range further inspired her love for performing and connecting with her audience.  Of her philosophy, Lisa says: “Music is an expression of the heart, and I strive to express every song I sing in a new and vibrant way, giving something fresh and alive to every audience but having fun is number one on the menu!”


John Wineglass reflects on his association with Lisa Kincaid: "Working with Lisa over the years has been a joy.  She sings straight from the heart and makes each song an inspiration.  Not only does she seamlessly move from Jazz to pop and rock, but it's her interpretive phrasing, her ability to caress a lyric, and her absolute control over her voice that differentiates from those who merely sing and perform.  She is a talent to cherish."



A real rarity among musicians, Ed’s life of music started by taking classical piano lessons in New York City at the age of 5! Having already been taking lessons for a number of years when the Beatles exploded, their music filling the sound waves of their living room lit a fire in this young musicians soul.


Through many lessons, recitals and performances, including having started a gigging band when he was 12! – yes, at 12 – this promising musician started his rise winning numerous talent shows and contests, singing Billy Joel songs while adding many of his own compositions. Also adding guitar and other instruments to his vocabulary, Ed began branching out with many respected New York musicians at world famous venues including Dan Lynch’s Blues Bar on 2nd Ave in Manhattan.


Upon acquiring his own ranch in the Mariposa/Yosemite area and then moving to the Santa Cruz area his songwriting and arranging skills expanded greatly as he continued networking. With a strong and uncompromising vision he brings an uncanny sense of proportion, of the less-is-more approach that universally touches, moves and uplifts all.